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Bespoke Art Installation for Icon Craft


Imagination is an installation that celebrates the anonymity and universality of crafts and craftsmanship.


Features pieces represent the carpenter category in an innovative crafts store at Icon Siam.




size              w300 x d300 x h300 cm

technique     weaving

location        Icon Siam, Bangkok, Thailand 


Weaving Culture

Charoenkrung Town Painting project by CEA


Weaving culture, A wall moral represents a diversified culture of Charoenkrung. 


The outline of the dragon symbolized the Chaopraya river located along with the Charoenkrung community. Meanwhile, the graphic is designed through diverse cultural ornaments such as Buddist, Christian, and Islamic, which are the major religion in the area. 



size            w300 x d15 x h240 cm

technique   printing on plaswood

location      Charoenkrung Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 



Kitt.ta.khon X Yothaka


Arkha exclusive color collection by Kitt.ta.khon

size            w55 x d57 x h88 cm

technique   coiling on rattan      

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