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Teerapoj Teeropas x SHER maker

Steelbamboo originated from the recognition of the connection between bamboo and steel. While both materials are similarly a hollowed cylinder tube, bamboo is organic and flexible while steel is precise, cold and strong. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages that together can support and compliments in industrial production and aesthetic.

Steelbamboo uses the best qualities of each material to create a simple and minimal form. Through precise drilling and joint intersections of steel and bamboo inspired by old wooden home construction, the entire 3 meters long structure is held together by only two pins in the middle. By adopting this joint technique, material waste such as glue, screws and off-cuts for example, are eliminated and reduced in the production line for this design.

In terms of aesthetic, I wanted to create a dialogue between the two materials. Through the selection of finishings that does not disrupt the origin of the materials. The legs are connected together with steel pipes of varying sizes, creating steps, paralleling to the shape of wild and natural bamboo. This technique is also a design solution which prevents bamboo from cracking in the middle where the load of tension exists the most.

P4180554 copy.jpg
P4180564 copy.jpg

Bamboo sit on steel copper legs

Size w3000 x d32 x h47 cm

Weight - kg


58,000 baht (12 pieces)




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