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Fatboy Painted

Checker back | Checker seat | White Black

P3090297 copy.jpg
P3090314 copy.jpg

Fat Boy is a project where Kitt.Ta.Khon questions “sufficiency” in craft production. In breaking down this idea, we first took in consideration the ideal timeframe of production that is achievable for craftmans to take work home that is not overbearing to their full-time position but can provide an extra source of income. Working with this suitable timeframe, hand weaving techniques and patterns were deconstructed into pixels for easier communication and execution of ideas.

This pop approach to craft opens an opportunity for the consumer to have a part in creating their own pattern for Fat Boy. This customization system allows craftsman to explore and improve new skills with every new and non-repeating design thus creating a relationship where communication and learning exists between the maker and the consumer.


Painted grow rubber-wood structure. Decorated with various patterns of polypropylene stripe.


Size w45 x d47 x h75 cm

Weight 6.7 kg



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