Kitt.Ta.Khon explores craft techniques from across
the globe through its handwoven furniture pieces and interior finishing. 
From 30 years of an expert artisan.

Like any other cultural elements, the survival of craftsmanship depends on knowledge and skill transfer, from a generation to the next, and from a community to another. This concept echoes in Kitt.Ta.Khon, founded by designer Teerapoj Teeropas. This Thai brand not only strives to be a leading design brand, it also has a mission to create new values for handicraft and transfer crafting knowledge and skills to the new generation through contemporary products. Believing that craftsmanship is beyond boundaries and there is a universal language between each craft community, the brand combines craft techniques from around the world with natural materials to create eye-catching works. This reflects the position of
our brand as a cultural melting pot.
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Kitt.ta.khon's collection

Kitttakhon's Texture



Kitttakhon's design team contribute a design consultant for weaving solution and aesthetic, tailor to fit with your need.