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“Chino” is inspired by the traditional Chinese console from Qing Dynasty. Employing graphic practice, rattan is used to outline the basic shape of the table while black and white cord tying techniques harks design languages from various cultures. Through this the console is transformed to an intercontinental piece, no longer defined by one culture. At first glance, you may recognize the Chinese inspired structure but upon further inspection, familiar patterns and details that can be seen in African, Moroccan and European designs shines through.


The console is topped with clear glass to highlight the structure, often hidden and under appreciated behind opaque tabletops.


“Chino” embodies Kitt.Ta.Khon’s brand ethos which believes that craft is a universal language by allowing elements from each culture to co-exist in one design, blurring the lines between countries and each reference’s true origin.


Natural rattan structure finished with black and white nylon finishing. Top with clear tempered glass.



Size w170 x d45 x h80 cm

Weight 32 kg





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Black and White | Blue and Copper

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